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Busy... but still here...

I just want to offer my apologies for not being as active on our social media as I have been in the past. In the last couple months the foundation held the annual golf tournament and donated the funds to Helping Hounds, so all is great with the foundation... personally my family has added our newest edition (baby girl) at the end of July, also within the last couple months, we purchased a house and also sold our previous house. So for me personally, life has been CRAZY, Chaotic, and full of so many big moments.

So I apologize for not being completely on top of things like I normally am, but in all honesty, family first. As my personal life gets settled-down, I'll get back to being more present on social media for the Foundation.

Continued thanks to everyone who supports the foundation in the memory of Julie.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month - I challenge each of you to become more informed about this cancer, the research funding, the survival statistics, and what you can do to help the cause.

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