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The Julie A. Bray Foundation was founded in loving memory of Julie Bray, who passed away in 2016, at the age of 51 from Small-Cell Lung Cancer.  Julie was a healthy non-smoking wife & mother of two; her diagnosis was shocking, her cancer journey was tough, her death was devistating, but her life... her life was inspiring, impactful, and unforgettable.  

The mission of the Julie A Bray Foundation is to continue to spread Julie's acts of love, kindness, and generosity.  

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The Best

I could not imagine any wife putting-up with my baggage. But Julie's strong faith kept her by my side through thick and thin, and got us through everything life dealt us. Many people expressed that they were impressed with everything I did for her while she was sick. They didn't realize that I owed it to her tenfold for everything she did for me. She left a huge hole in my heart that will never heal. She truly was my special Angel.


I was 5 years old when Julie was born. I was the last born in my family, so she was like my little sister. I remember her baby smile. I remember her teenage years, when her parents didn't understand her and I did. We stood up for each others weddings. We grieved the loss of our family members together. We have a bond that death will never come between. Julie loved her family and was present for all of our life's moments. Even if she had to travel to be there. She came to have her hair done on August 16, 2015 for the last time. 38 years, I've done her hair. She told me that she was having the worst headaches. Never in my imagination did I think I would be saying goodbye 7 months later. Julie was brave, strong, courageous and my hero. Till we meet again. Nothing but love.​

-Trish Doring 

"Fluttering eyes"

Fluttering  eyes
eyes big, blue, blue, blue
way bluer than Syracuse skies
Eyes so strong and beautiful
Eyes that tell stories of piety and loving  
There's so much more than meets her eyes

The kind of woman who's constantly kind
Donated her eyes to help the blind
Always sending updates, love, encouragement
Email, cards, notes--just because
No--Kind is not a strong enough word
To describe her kind

Pumpkin chip pie
Always festive and ready to have fun
Started many traditions that will never be undone
Pumpkin chip pie with laughs and a smile
Always went the extra mile
Loud games, much wine
So many unforgettable times

Fluttering eyes
Never will forget those fluttering eyes
Pierce blue speaking without words
We have inherited those fluttering eyes
Brown eyes, green eyes, other shades of blue
Hope to love, be generous and kind,
And to be strong as you

Although those eyes have come to a close
Your memory and beautiful life will flutter through our hearts forever and ever


-Liz Fietkiewicz (Julie's niece)

A fond memory I have of her was the surprise 30th bday she threw me.  She had all our family there and my best friend.  It was a night I'll never forget, just one of many thoughtful things she did to make others feel important.

Also, looking back now I didn't realize how much those emails she would send getting us together for lunch meant to me.  She was trying to make sure we were all doing ok while keeping us girls in contact at the same time. Family was so very important to her, making sure we were all connected still after Grandma passed.  Her unconditional love and selflessness was something I admire so much about her.

-Nicole DeFurio (Julie's niece)

Dear Aunt Julie

Thank you for being such an amazing aunt.I am going to miss you so much! I will miss playing games at Thanksgiving with you. I will especially miss Apples to Apples and most recently Cards against Humanity. I have short videos on my phone where you are laughing while playing these games, we have such great memories. I will miss your laugh and smile! I will also miss your famous pumpkin chip pie, it was so delicious. I will make it and always think of you.I’ll never forget all of the good times we had at weddings we have gone to in the past together. Thank you for being my dancing buddy at them while understanding and participating in my weird ways (Like the table clothes). Thank you for taking me out to lunch when we worked together at AXA. I wish we could have done that more. Also, thank you for your emails that were always checking in to make sure I was doing okay.You have been such an inspiration to me. You were always traveling and loving life, I will forever admire that. Through this difficult and scary time that you went through, you were so strong and I look up to you in so many ways. I hope to be half the women that you are someday. I am going to miss you so much! I love you!

Love always,

 Christina (Julie's niece)

Dear Aunt Julie,

I'll never forget the time you and Uncle Dave took me to NYC to see a live taping of Emeril Lagassi. I'll never forget the Friday night sleepovers at your house when we would bake chocolate chip cookies and you'd let me eat some of the dough. Or the time you got mad at me when I spilled David's piggy bank over and coins flew everywhere. Ill never forget the times when you got us all together for lunch or dinner to catch up. I'll never forget your emails. Your cards. Your pumpkin chip pie. Your smile & laugh.

I'll never forget how incredible of a person you were. Truly beautiful inside and out. I'll forever thank God for each of the many memories I have of you. I feel so blessed to have grown up with you in my life and I can only hope to be half of the woman you were to so many people. Not a day will go by that I won't think of you, but I will cherish every single memory till I get to hug you again. You are forever loved.

Love, Danielle  (Julie's niece)

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